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Lemon Marinated Salmon Carpaccio

Lemon marinated salmon carpaccio, such a refreshing Summer recipe, the salmon loin is thinly sliced and marinated overnight, then spiced and drizzled with olive oil, perfect starter for al fresco gatherings!

This salmon carpaccio has been a Summer staple in my house for so many years, everybody loves it and there is never enough.

I like to choose my skinless salmon loin looking for the leaner cuts, then I always slice the carpaccio myself by hand trying to get the thinnest possible slices, obviously my slices are not as thin as if they were machine cut but I like this rough cut.

Carpaccio, whether of meat or fish, is always easier to slice after freezing your cut for about 15 to 20 minutes, just enough to stiffen it up.

For this recipe, I slice the carpaccio out of the raw salmon loin, cover it with lemon juice that will “cook” it, marinate it overnight, then I drain, plate and spice it, so refreshing with this deep lemony taste, just writing about it makes me want to make it anew!

This is a starter that you had better serve with assorted salads because your salmon carpaccio will disappear in a jiffy and everybody will be hungry for more.

  • 4 servings
  • Easy
  • 1 h 30

Recipe :


21.16 oz. (600 g) salmon loin, skinless

2 cups (480 ml) lemon juice, or enough to cover the carpaccio

salt and pepper to taste

a handful of pink peppercorns

Some dill

Some olive oil

Prepare the marinade:

Rinse the salmon loin if needed, pat dry, remove the brown fat at the bottom center of loin and freeze it for about 15 to 20 minutes

With your sharpest knife, slice the salmon as thinly as possible

Into a fitted baking sheet or casserole pan, pour enough lemon juice to cover the bottom and arrange all slices of carpaccio in one layer, cover completely with the rest of lemon juice, cover the baking sheet with plastic wrap and chill overnight. Turn carpaccio over every 2 or 3 hours

Once the carpaccio is about “cooked”, arrange it into a slightly shallow serving plate, drizzle generously with olive oil, add salt and pepper to taste, sprinkle a few pink peppercorns and dill