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Turkey Stew Sage White Wine Sauce Pinterest

Easy turkey stew with sage and white wine sauce recipe, this turkey stew is simmered for 40 minutes, the meat is juicy and tender, a comforting and advantageous meal, delicious!

This turkey stew makes for an easy weekday meal and is also delicious for entertaining, the white wine can be replaced by Noilly Prat, a very dry vermouth, to bring this stew to another level.

The sauce is flavored with sage, Paris mushrooms and white wine. The sage leaves are only used to flavor the cooking oil and then discarded. If you don’t like the taste of sage, you can replace it with any aromatic herb you prefer, I would recommend basil or tarragon, just add after the meat is seared on all sides and leave them during the whole cooking process.

Turkey meat is rather dry, the marinade helps to tenderize the meat and also with the browning. I always marinate my chicken or turkey or duck with this marinade, I find that it makes the poultry less fibrous and so tender.

When I’m making a turkey roast or stew, I buy a turkey breast. In my area, turkey breasts generally weigh about 32 oz. / 2.2 pounds / 1 kilo so adjust the ingredient quantities to your need, leftovers can be frozen for about a month.

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  • 4 servings
  • Easy
  • 1 h 30

Recipe :


32 oz. about (1 kg.) turkey breast


3 tbsp. soy sauce

3 tbsp. white wine

2 scant tbsp. corn starch


6 large sage leaves

1 medium onion, chopped

1 garlic clove, crushed

4 Paris mushrooms, chopped

1 tbsp. tomato paste

1 tsp corn starch

1/2 cup white wine

1/2 cup chicken broth

3/4 cups heavy cream

A pinch of cayenne

Salt and pepper to taste

Some vegetable oil for cooking

Make the marinade:

Into a medium bowl, add the white wine, soy sauce, corn starch and stir to mix

Cut the turkey breast in chunks of about 1 to 2 inches, add them to the marinade, stir to coat and marinate for at least 20 minutes

Make the stew:

Into a Dutch oven, on medium/high heat, add enough vegetable oil to just cover the bottom, add the sage leaves and sear 1 minute, remove and discard

Add the meat (without marinade) and sear on all sides

Lower the heat to medium/low, add the onion, garlic and Paris mushrooms, cook about 2 minutes stirring from time to time

Make a slurry with the corn starch and white wine, add together with the broth and tomato paste, stir to distribute, add salt and pepper to taste and a pinch of Cayenne, cover with a lid and simmer for about 40 minutes

Add the cream, stir to distribute, cook for about 2-3 more minutes

Taste and adjust seasoning if needed, sprinkle with some chopped parsley

Serve with your favorite side, love it with roasted carrots and sautéed potatoes

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