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Shortbread cookies recipe, shortbread cookies are among the most refined cookies, so delicious! First they are sweet, then they are slightly salty, they're a cup of tea's best friend…

Shortbread dough is a little bit tricky to work with, and can be a nightmare to roll, that’s why it is usually simply assembled, shaped in a rectangle, and cut in the shape of fingers.

Shortbread cookies only require 3 ingredients, salted butter, confectioner’s sugar and flour. Since shortbread dough must absolutely not be overworked and there is no need to bring air to this dough, I prefer to make it by hand, plus really it is not worth at all to use a processor.

I have served these cookies with my berries cups, to bring some crisp and balance the sugar to a sweet, creamy dessert, here is a link to the recipe, click here.

  • 30 cookies
  • Easy
  • 2 h 45

Recipe :

Ingredients :

1 cup (225g) salted butter, very soft (if you use unsalted butter, add 1 teaspoon salt)

1 cup (125g) confectioners’ or icing sugar

2 3/4 cups (340g) all-purpose flour

Prepare cookie dough:

Into a bowl, add the very soft butter (it is important that the butter be very soft but not runny) and confectioner’s sugar, incorporate with a spatula

Sift the flour (and salt, if not using salted butter) into the butter mixture in two or three additions, incorporate with a spatula in between each addition

After adding all the flour, you will have a sandy dough, lay a sheet of plastic wrap on your counter and pour the dough onto it, working with the edges of plastic wrap, assemble and press the dough just until it has all come together, with your hands form a rectangle, flatten the dough to about 0.60 or 0.80-inch-thick, wrap it and chill in your fridge for about 45 minutes

Shape cookies:

Pre-heat your oven at 300°F. (150°C)

Very lightly flour the dough and rolling pin, even the top surface of dough, if it breaks, just reassemble and stick it with your hands

Place the dough on a baking tray (no need for a fitting tray as these cookies don’t spread or lose shape, also no need for parchment paper, the dough is buttery enough that it won’t stick), cut it in as many thick or long fingers as you like without separating the dough, just run your knife through the dough, I like to cut dough in three lengthwise, and sometimes about 1/2 inch thick, sometimes 0.8 to 1.2, that depends

With a fork, poke a few holes onto the surface of each finger

Baking cookies:

Into the oven for about 45 minutes, or until light golden brown.

Immediately after removing from the oven, cut delicately the cookies again without trying to separate them and let cool completely in the baking tray


Once completely cooled, you could cover one end of cookies with chocolate ganache

Shortbread dough is very fragile and cannot be manipulated other than cold, the best way is to work it minimally with your hands.

Use very soft butter but not runny

Also, cookies will bake faster on a dark baking sheet than on a light one. I have been baking these shortbread cookies into a dark baking pan and my cookies were perfect at 45 minutes into the oven. So, start checking at 40 minutes, you want your cookies to be slightly golden


Original recipe from Eugeniekitchen, here is a link to her method, click here