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Fried Garlic and Garlic Oil Pinterest

How to make fried garlic and garlic oil, the recipe for this delicious Thai condiment is so easy, I add either one of them in just about anything, a sprinkle of fried garlic flakes here, a tsp of garlic oil there, in my sandwiches, salads, pizzas, anything!

In Thailand, garlic oil and fried garlic are broadly used as a garnish on a variety of meals, specially garlic oil is used to brush dim sums and dumplings once they’re steamed so they don’t dry, then they are sprinkled with fried garlic.

In my home, I make a lot of my condiments and sauces myself, I find it’s a great way to save a few dollars, garlic oil and fried garlic are one of my staple. So easy to make, you’ll only need vegetable oil and garlic, I use mostly frozen garlic that’s already peeled and chopped, so it’s really a no fuss affair.

How to use garlic oil?

No need to cook Asian recipes to use garlic oil but if you do, use garlic oil to brush the skins of dumplings after they are steamed, it will keep them smooth and lend them a delicious hint of a garlic flavor. I like to add a tsp of garlic oil on any sautéed veggies, on my pizzas, pasta sauces, in my salads, etc. Well in any dish where I’m adding garlic, it’s not that strongly flavored, it brings just a hint of garlic flavor.

How to use fried garlic?

Let me right away say that once fried, garlic is no longer that strongly flavored and is free of its side effects, namely terrible bad breath, this said I don’t eat it on its own but I like to sprinkle a few chips in my sandwiches, on top of my salads and on top of just about anything as I love its crisp crunch and garlicky flavor…

Once the garlic chips are fried, let them cool completely before storing into a lidded container, they will always remain crisp and will keep for a month. Then filter the oil you used to make the fried garlic and pour it into a bottle, it will also keep for a month or more.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and if you do, please leave me a comment and let me know how it went!

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Recipe :


2 cups (480 ml) vegetable oil suitable for frying

1 cup (150 g.) garlic, peeled, minced or chopped in small pieces, frozen for me


Into a large saute pan, heat the oil on medium/high heat, you don’t want it too hot and you don’t want to rush the frying process, check the heat by dipping the handle of a wooden spatula, as soon as you see a few bubbles, add the garlic chips and fry them slowly for about 6 minutes or until they are golden and crisp, don’t burn, set aside in a shallow dish lined with a few kitchen towels, let cool completely before storing into a lidded container

Immediately remove the oil from the heat, let cool completely, pour into a bottle through a mesh strainer to filter it

Fried garlic chips will keep for a month minimum on your spices shelf and so will the garlic oil, although I keep mine for up to 3 months