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  • Apple Tart

    Other than being beautiful, this apple tart sublimates any kind of apple you choose, it is the most delicious apple tart you will ever eat.

    Usually, when I make an apple tart, I use apples of a lesser quality or the ones that are getting older in my fruit basket, and of course, you can also do so with this recipe, but for this particular tart, I like to use Pink Ladies or Golden Delicious, because they are absolutely "sublime" in this recipe.

  • Caramelized Apple Pecan Hand Pies

    Caramelized apple hand pies small

    Super easy and quick to make caramelized apple pecan hand pies recipe, apples and chopped pecans are briefly sauteed in cinnamon caramel sauce, a delicious snack that children and grown-ups alike adore, these cutie pies will be gone in no time!

  • Mini Cheesecakes Caramelized Apples

    Mini vanilla cheesecakes with a crunchy Lotus® cookies crust and caramelized hazelnuts, salted caramel and caramelized apples, de-li-cious…

    I really enjoyed these mini cheesecakes, there’s a crisp crust made of crushed Lotus® cookies mixed with a bit of caramelized nuts, a creamy vanilla cheesecake, slightly crunchy apples bathing in salted caramel, and a crown of caramelized hazelnuts, it’s a delicious mix of textures and flavors.

  • Mini Fruit Pies

    Mini fruit pies: caramelized apples on vanilla pastry cream, strawberries on chocolate pastry cream with a dollop of whipped cream on top, delicious!

    Isn’t everything small so so cute? These mini fruit tartlets are so simple and yet so delicious. I made them with the fruits I had on hand but of course, the combinations fruits/flavored pastry cream are endless.