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Everyday and Special Occasions Homemade Meals

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Tartare sauce is delicious with hot or cold fish, meat, potatoes, as a dip with any veggies, excellent with fish or meat burgers!

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Rhubarb curd can be used as a spread or to fill any pastries, puff pastry, choux pastry, cupcakes, etc. It is as sweet as lemon curd and truly delicious.

Rhubarb curd is made from the released water gathered after gently simmering chunks of rhubarb. Fresh or frozen rhubarb can be used, I used frozen.

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Nut butter pastry cream flavored with vanilla and a mix of hazelnut and almond butter, delicious!

For this recipe, you need two preparations, the nut butter that can be made a few days ahead, and a vanilla pastry cream. Here, I added some whipped cream to lighten it.

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Chocolate pastry cream, extremely delicious!

This is the only chocolate pastry cream I am going to make from now on, it has a rich chocolate flavor and can be used in numerous delicious desserts.

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Chocolate Ganache, truffled, extremely delicious!

This is the only chocolate ganache I am going to make from now on, it has a rich chocolate flavor and can be used in numerous delicious desserts, pastries, tartlets, and it makes for the shiniest chocolate glaze.

Vanilla Pastry Cream small

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Vanilla pastry cream: this is a basic recipe for pastry cream.

Pastry cream is a custard that is mainly used as a filling for cream puffs, or fruit tarts, muffins and all kinds of pastries. Vanilla pastry cream is a basic recipe, it can be flavored with a large variety of ingredients, such as chocolate, coffee, hazelnut, fruit syrups, liqueurs, etc.

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Caramelized hazelnuts and almonds meal and butter that can be used three ways: as candies (sooo good!), chopped into a coarse meal or as a paste.

A nut butter can be made of all sorts of nuts, I most commonly make it with hazelnuts or a mix of almonds and hazelnuts. You can also make pistachio meal and paste the same way, very interesting and really delicious.

light mayo small

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This is a basic recipe for how to make mayonnaise but if you are trying to cut down on calories, this light mayo recipe is ideal and really delicious.

Salted Butter Caramel Sauce small

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Salted caramel sauce, quick and easy to make.

This is a basic recipe that can be flavored to our taste or according to how you plan to use it.

You can use this caramel sauce to decorate your cupcakes, muffins, cheesecakes, ice creams, and so on, and so on…

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Here is a recipe to make your own candied orange peel three ways with one batch: sweet candied orange peel, chocolate covered orange peel, orange peel preserve.

It’s very easy and so delicious, you’ll never want to buy any again, plus you will be eager to use them in many and various sweet treats.

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This a delicious cookie dough crust. You can use it for lemon tarts and tartlets or any cream or fruit tarts.

It’s a little bit tricky to work with but it really adds to your tarts as it is really like eating a delicious cookie.

I have used this shortbread crust for my raspberry tartlets, here is a link to the recipe, click here.

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A delicious strawberry syrup to add to your cupcakes, cheesecakes or to add to your milkshakes, can be used in numerous recipes.

I think that we should always have some in the house. It can be stored about a week in the fridge.

Lemon Curd small

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A delicious lemon cream, velvety, sweet yet tart.

Lemon curd can be used in so many recipes, as a filling for tarts, as a dip for cookies, on cakes, etc.