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  • Bagel Bread Loaf Recipe

    Bagel Bread Loaf Recipe small

    Easy recipe for bagel bread loaf, bagel bread as a loaf is just so good with its soft crust and dense crumb, whether for sandwiches with any savory fillings or with butter and jam!

  • Buttermilk Sweet Potato Bread

    Buttermilk Sweet Potato Bread small

    Buttermilk sweet potato bread recipe! This buttermilk sweet potato bread is so full of flavors, a wonderful bread for your sandwiches and toasts!

    Sweet potato bread has a lightly crisp crust and a wonderfully soft crumb, a bit like a brioche, although this is not a sweet bread. This bread is delicious at all times whether with butter and jam or as a sandwich with any savory topping.

  • Classic Focaccia

    Classic Focaccia small

    Classic Italian focaccia recipe, a soft and delicious Italian bread! In Italy, focaccia bread is used to make delicious sandwiches called tramezzini and in some regions it is also used as pizza base.

  • Dinner Rolls – Hamburger Buns

    Dinner Rolls Hamburger Buns small

    Delicious dinner rolls, hamburger buns, hot dog or sandwich buns, one dough for 3 types of buns!

    This is a savory recipe but the dough can be sweetened with 2 additional tablespoons sugar and served as sweet brioche.

    These dinner rolls require two rises.

    Here I made rolls, but if you want buns, just flatten their tops and do not crowd them into the baking pan.

  • Easy Pita Bread Recipe

    Easy Pita Bread Recipe small

    This easy pita bread recipe will help you make your homemade fresh batch of pitas whenever you want!

    The pita dough is ready in just about 3 to 4 minutes in the stand mixer (plus about 10 minutes for the yeast to bubble), then it needs to double in volume in a warm place for about an hour.

  • English Muffin Bread

    English Muffin Bread small

    This homemade English muffin bread is my go to bread recipe when I'm in a hurry, it has a crisp crust and dense crumb, a delicious loaf for breakfast or any meal, even better with a cheese and cold cut platter!

  • Herbal Bread (No Knead)

    This is a delicious herbal bread, quickly done as it does not involve kneading.

    I would say that it is rather a summer bread, that you can toast and use for your appetizers, savory toasts, tapas or bruschettas.

    No mixer is needed for this recipe, this bread is entirely made by hand.

  • Herbs of Provence Bread for Crostini

    Herbs of Provence Bread for Crostini small

    This recipe for herbes de Provence bread for crostini is the best baguette bread for bruschetta or crostini! It's a flavorful salty loaf that will complement your crostini, bruschette and toasts whichever toppings you are using.

    This bread is a white bread with a firm crust and dense crumb flavored with herbs of Provence, or herbs de Provence, and topped with sea salt.

  • Homemade Bagels Recipe

    Homemade Bagels Recipe small

    This homemade bagels recipe is so easy to make! Bagels are similar in shape to donuts but they are savory with a crisp crust and dense crumb, I make these traditional bagels with all-purpose flour, they are on the mini side but you can bake a smaller batch and make them larger. Is there anything better than a salmon and cream cheese bagel?

  • Parmesan and Basil Cornbread

    Delicious cornbread, made in a jiffy, to eat with stews or any dishes with gravy.

    This cornbread is flavored with cheese, not cheese oozing, you can even have it with a piece of cheese without boosting your cholesterol…

  • Potato Bread Best Bread For Toast

    Potato Bread Best Bread For Toast small

    Potato bread recipe, this potato bread really is the best bread for toasts and sandwiches! Made with mashed potato and powdered milk, the contrast between its crisp crust and soft crumb is awesome, by far our favorite at the moment!

    This bread is delicious at all times whether with butter and jam or as a sandwich with any savory topping.

  • Spelt Bread Recipe

    Spelt Bread Recipe small

    Spelt bread recipe, bread made with spelt flour, a healthy and delicious bread with a soft light crumb, slight honey hind flavor and no bitterness as with whole wheat flour.