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Easy Pan Fried Falafel Recipe

This easy pan fried falafel recipe is made using canned chickpeas for a quick and flavorful weekday dinner. Naturally vegan, falafels are filling and full of vegetable proteins, perfect for meatless days.

Falafels are delicious galettes made mainly of chickpeas processed with onion, garlic, parsley and spices, then formed into patties and deep fried. It’s a renowned middle Eastern street food where they are served stuffed with some salad into pitas and then drizzled with tahini (sesame paste).

Falafels are a rich source of vegetable protein and of soluble fibers that help lower the bad cholesterol, the recipe is naturally vegan as there is no meat or eggs added, they are perfect for meatless meals and very filling.

You can serve falafels in burgers or wraps or simply with a mixed salad as I do for a lighter and balanced meal.

I like to pan fry my falafels, I find it an easier and quicker way to serve them. The usual way is to deep fry them but I really don’t find it necessary, plus they burn easily so I get a better control on cooking time by pan frying.

How to make this pan fried falafel recipe:

  • Whether for falafels or for hummus, I like to use canned chickpeas, they’re ready to make and you can avoid the overnight soaking time
  • Add the chickpeas into the bowl of your food processor together with all the spices and aromatic herbs, plus 4 tbsp. flour to bind the batter, process until smooth. In many recipes, a pinch of paprika and cumin are added, I never do but feel free to add any or both to taste
  • I like to add a mix of parsley and basil, you can leave out the basil if you prefer or use cilantro
  • I use a small ice cream scoop to scoop the batter, scooping two spoonsful of batter well pressed, I form them into balls, then press them down with the back of a spatula to form patties
  • Into a pan, I heat some olive oil on medium/low, enough to cover the bottom of the pan, and pan fry my patties, as many as I can in one batch, about 4 to 5 minutes on each side, I often check the bottom of my patties as I want them golden but not too browned
  • I like to serve my falafels with a mixed salad and a bowl of tahini sauce, tahini is optional though but it’s a staple in my pantry as I often make various hummus recipes. Tahini is a sesame paste to which I add a little water and lemon juice and sometimes a little bit of chili oil
  • This recipe makes for 12 patties, it’s perfect for my family of three, leftovers are still delicious the following day, whether cold or re-heated
  • Falafels can be frozen once formed into patties but before cooking, freeze them on a tray in an even layer, after about two hours, store them into a freezer box, separate the layers with parchment paper.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and if you do, please leave me a comment and let me know how it went!

  • 3 servings
  • Easy
  • 1 h 00

Recipe :


2 x 15.5 oz. (880 g) canned chickpeas or garbanzo beans

1 small onion, roughly chopped

2 garlic cloves, roughly chopped

2 tsp salt

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp cumin powder

1/3 cup parsley, roughly chopped

10 basil leaves, roughly chopped

4 tbsp. all-purpose flour

Tahini Sauce:

3 tbsp. tahini

3 to 4 tbsp. water

Juice of 1lemon

Some olive oil for cooking

Make the falafels:

Into the bowl of your food processor, add all the ingredients and process until smooth, if like me you’re not fond of cumin, skip it. If you don’t want to add basil, then don’t, if you want to add cilantro, then do so

With a small ice cream scoop, scoop two spoonsful, form into a ball, with the back of a large spatula flatten the balls to form even patties

Into a large pan, heat enough olive oil to cover the bottom of pan, pan fry as many falafels as you can in one batch, cook them about 3 minutes per side, then again 2 minutes per side or until they’re golden and crispy

Make the tahini sauce:

Into a small bowl, add 3 tbsp. tahini (stir well into the jar to mix the paste with the topping oil)

Add the water, stir, first the tahini should become very thick, add the lemon juice, stir to incorporate, add more water if needed, one spoonful at a time until reaching the desired thickness, I like mine rather thick but pourable

Enjoy with a lettuce and tomato salad and a drizzle of tahini, or stuffed into a pita, or as a burger


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These falafel look so good! I've never made them myself, but I love them. Def want to make these asap!

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Thanks Jacqui, they're really so easy to make!

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Total fail. Balls were mushy and like slop. Inedible :(.

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I'm sorry Dani, I have no idea how your balls could turn mushy or slop since there's no added liquid and the flour and spices should help dry and bind mixture... I think you might have done something wrong...

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