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Apricot and Vanilla Pastries small

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Apricot and vanilla pastries recipe! 3 apricot mumps laid on a pillow of vanilla pastry cream are enclosed in this gorgeous puff pastry, easy to make and delicious!

I used frozen apricot mums, so obviously you can use fresh apricots in season, you can also use canned apricots. If you’re going to use frozen apricots, thaw them and pat them dry beforehand or they’ll release too much water and soak the puff pastry.

Peach Honey Hand Pies small

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These peach and honey hand pies or turnovers are super easy to make, I made them buttery puff pastry, so good! They're a delicious treat to snack on!

This is a recipe that children and grown-ups alike adore, these hand pies will be gone in no time.

Almond Lemon Financier small

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Almond lemon financier cake recipe, financier cake is a very refined quick bread and a great recipe to make for using your leftover egg whites. Serve it with some lemon curd on the side!

Financier cake does not rise much while baking as it doesn't contain any leavening agent, only the whipped egg whites, therefore it is rather a thin cake.

Fried Scones Sopapillas small

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Fried scones or sopapillas recipe, deep fried dough much like doughnuts and similar to New Orleans beignets, served with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and a drizzle of honey, they are such a delicious treat!

Potato Waffles Sweet Recipe petite

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Potato waffles sweet recipe, serve them with fruit and a dollop of whipped cream for a delicious snack!

These potato waffles are sweet, crisp and a bit denser than standard waffles. They are very easy to make with lightly salted potato puree.

chocolate crinkle cookies small

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Chocolate crinkle cookies recipe, chocolate crinkle cookies are melt-in-your-mouth little pillows of chocolate goodness!

Chocolate crinkle cookies are close to a brownie in texture, a bit fudgy but slightly crumblier.

Caramel Creme Flan small

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Stove-top caramel creme flan recipe, caramel creme flan is a soft and velvety custard topped with caramel sauce, easy to make, delicious and always a success!

Chocolate chips shortbread small

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Chocolate chips shortbread  recipe, these chocolate shortbread cookies are crumbly, slightly salty and delicious with chocolate chips, the perfect match to a good cup of tea or a glass of milk.

Peppermint Kisses small

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Creamy and refreshing chocolate and peppermint patties recipe, these peppermint kisses are a delicious candy recipe, perfect for any occasion!

Peppermint patties are made by simply mixing powdered sugar with some evaporated milk. The refreshing mint flavor is brought by using peppermint oil, you will not get it with peppermint extract! They are so creamy and refreshing!

Peanut Butter Rice Krispies Squares small

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Recipe for peanut butter rice krispies squares with chocolate frosting, these peanut butter rice krispies bars topped with chocolate are so easy and fun to make! A delicious candy or snack made in under 45 minutes, no bake, no mixer involved, a crowd pleaser for children and adults alike!

This is the classic recipe for peanut butter rice krispies bars, a treat that can be made in under 45 minutes, involves no mixer and no baking, awesome!

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Cream puffs filled with vanilla and sweet wine pastry cream, delicious!

This is an extremely delicious bite size dessert, the puff pastry is sweet, the vanilla pastry cream is soft and creamy with a light taste of Sauternes sweet wine. Sauternes can be substituted by any dessert sweet white wine of your region or country. You could also use any liqueur of your choice like Rum, Grand Marnier, etc.

Easy Lemon Coconut Quick Bread small

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Easy lemon coconut quick bread recipe, this easy, no mixer involved lemon coconut loaf is flavored with shredded coconut and lemon zest, a delicious combo!

Homemade mint marshmallows small

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Homemade mint marshmallows, dipped into chocolate ganache, it is a match made in heaven! A delicious candy and a great gift for your family and friends!

This is a quick and easy recipe to make and it is delicious! I love this mint flavor, it makes the marshmallows feel less sweet and when dipped into chocolate ganache, it is a match made in heaven!

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Triple chocolate praline bark, such a delicious candy!

This bark is really the easiest candy to make, my family loves it! It can be stored for about 2 weeks in your fridge. It makes for great gifts too!

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Classic tiramisu, one of Italy’s most renowned desserts, so delicious!

I have wanted to make a tiramisu for a long time and decided to make my friend Claudia’s recipe, she is Italian, she knows what she is talking about.