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Everyday and Special Occasions Homemade Meals

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  • Appetizing Green Peas Dip and Scallops

    Appetizing Green Peas Dip and Scallops small

    Appetizing Green Peas Dip and Scallops! Creamy green peas puree with scallops or shrimps, topped with salmon caviar and bacon chips, a very flavorful appetizer or cocktail food ready in no time!

  • Appetizing Salmon Over Mini Hash Browns

    Appetizing Salmon Over Mini Hash Browns, delicious!

    Mini hash browns topped with cream cheese and salmon! 

    Such a flavorful appetizer that will tickle your taste buds, it is a shock of textures, first you feel the crispy hash browns, then the soft cream cheese will coat your palate and to top it all the wonderful flavor of smoked salmon will spread in your mouth, very addictive..

  • Apricot Spritz

    Here's a wonderful idea to serve Prosecco, Apricot Spritz, so delicious and refreshing!

  • Crispy Fried Onions Strings

    Crispy Fried Onions Strings small

    How to make homemade crispy fried onion strings or French fried onion, an easy and quick recipe, delicious sprinkled on steaks, on salads or as an appetizer!

  • Easy Crispy Fried Calamari

    Easy Crispy Fried Calamari small

    This easy crispy fried calamari is fast and easy to make, it is a delicious appetizer for entertaining that will disappear in no time!

    It is also a delicious starter or meal served with a mixed salad and/or French fries, have everything ready before frying the calamari as they are best served hot.

  • Fava Bean Hummus

    Fava Bean Hummus small

    This fava bean hummus is very flavorful, I like to serve it with my pita bread, it can also be served on toasts, it’s a delicious appetizer on any party!

  • Herbs of Provence Bread for Crostini

    Herbs of Provence Bread for Crostini small

    This recipe for herbes de Provence bread for crostini is the best baguette bread for bruschetta or crostini! It's a flavorful salty loaf that will complement your crostini, bruschette and toasts whichever toppings you are using.

    This bread is a white bread with a firm crust and dense crumb flavored with herbs of Provence, or herbs de Provence, and topped with sea salt.

  • Lemony Chick Pea Hummus

    Lemony Chick Pea Hummus small

    This easy lemony chick pea hummus recipe is full of zingy flavors brought by the addition of lime juice, garlic, tahini and spicy sriracha, a delicious appetizer that will disappear in not time!

  • Mini Salmon Skewers - Appetizers

    Mini Salmon Skewers Appetizers small

    Mini salmon skewers asian cuisine style for appetizers, these mini salmon skewers are served with a hot and spicy mayo, flavorful and delicious!

    This is a quick and easy recipe; the only delicate part is when you fry the salmon as it must not be overcooked. You can serve these mini skewers lukewarm or even cold.

  • Onion Fritters

    Onion Fritters small

    Onion fritters recipe or pakora recipe, a quick and easy recipe for deep-fried crispy onion fritters to serve as a delicious snack or appetizer!

  • Parmesan Shortbread Cookies

    Parmesan Shortbread Cookies small

    Savory parmesan shortbread cookies recipe, a savory shortbread recipe for your appetizers and snacks with a delicious goat cheese dip recipe!

  • Parmesan Shortbread Crackers

    Parmesan Shortbread Crackers small

    There’s nothing easier and quicker than baking these cut out parmesan shortbread crackers, plus you can freeze the logs and always have them at the ready!

  • Peruvian Ceviche Appetizers Cups

    Peruvian Ceviche Appetizers Cups small

    Peruvian ceviche is a very simple recipe, here I made mine with sea bass, lime juice, red chili pepper and spices. Make your ceviche with the seafood you like best and garnish it with your favorite ingredients like pineapple, mango, radishes, so refreshing and delicious, perfect appetizer or starter for al fresco dinners.

  • Puff Pastry Pizza Pinwheels

    Puff Pastry Pizza Pinwheels small

    Homemade puff pastry pizza pinwheels are a delicious and costless snack, made in a jiffy with just a few ingredients, they’re always a crowd pleaser!

  • Salmon and Salsa Appetizers Cups

    Salmon and Salsa Appetizers Cups small

    Hot and spicy salmon and salsa appetizers cups recipe, fresh salmon tartar, delicious with the hot avocado and mango salsa, they make for a pretty and flavorful appetizer for your gatherings!

  • Shrimp Fritters

    Shrimp Fritters Accra Recipe small

    Shrimp fritters or accra recipe, hot and spicy, ready in 40 minutes, delicious on their own as appetizers or snacks, or served with a salad as a starter or for a light meal!

  • Shrimp toasts

    Shrimp toasts small

    Thai shrimp toasts recipe, crispy, spicy and flavorful, my favorite starter in Thai restaurants. 

    Served with sweet chili sauce, these toasts are delicious and really quick and easy to make!