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Everyday and Special Occasions Homemade Meals

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Chicken and cauliflower salad, a spicy and delicious mixed salad, as well as healthy and low calories!

This is a quickly made salad, comforting and filling, a one bowl dish, very handy for weekday dinners. Here, I made my salad from scratch, but of course you can make it with leftover chicken, or replace chicken by tuna, or you can cook your cauliflower ahead, although cauliflower cooks only about 10 to 12 minutes, which is quite quick.

Duck Breasts Porcini Sauce small

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Duck breasts with porcini sauce recipe, roasted duck breasts with porcini sauce, sundried tomatoes and tarragon, heavenly!

You will soon notice that I cook almost everything with olive oil, that’s because I am crazy for olive oil, always looking for the best one, one for cooking and another one for salads. Obviously, if you do not like olive oil as much as I do, feel free to use the vegetable oil of your choice.

Snickerdoodle Cookies small

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Snickerdoodle cookies recipe, the most delicious, soft, flavorful cinnamon cookie to bake on cold Winter days!

This recipe makes 48 cookies and can be easily halved.

Salted Butter Caramel Sauce small

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Salted caramel sauce, quick and easy to make.

This is a basic recipe that can be flavored to our taste or according to how you plan to use it.

You can use this caramel sauce to decorate your cupcakes, muffins, cheesecakes, ice creams, and so on, and so on…

Chocolate Chip Muffins small

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Chocolate chip muffins recipe, vanilla muffins loaded with chocolate chips, easy and quick to make!

One bowl of dry ingredients, one bowl of wet ingredients, mix and it’s almost ready!

You can treat yourself and your dearest with this delicious little cake in about 40 minutes tops and the combinations are endless.

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Hazelnut and raspberry financiers, delicious!

This is an ideal recipe to use your egg whites, financiers! They are very easy to make, done in no time and really delicious.

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A delicious cookie with milk chocolate chips and homemade candied orange peels. It’s crispy and chocolate and orange flavors are a perfect match.

As for the homemade candied orange peel, they're so easy to do and delicious, once you'll make them, you'll never want to buy any, here is a link to my recipe, click here.

Chocolate Swiss Roll small

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Chocolate Swiss roll recipe, soft cake roll garnished with a velvety truffled chocolate ganache, a delicious dessert!

Candied Orange Peel 3 ways small

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Here is a recipe to make your own candied orange peel three ways with one batch: sweet candied orange peel, chocolate covered orange peel, orange peel preserve.

It’s very easy and so delicious, you’ll never want to buy any again, plus you will be eager to use them in many and various sweet treats.

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This a delicious cookie dough crust. You can use it for lemon tarts and tartlets or any cream or fruit tarts.

It’s a little bit tricky to work with but it really adds to your tarts as it is really like eating a delicious cookie.

I have used this shortbread crust for my raspberry tartlets, here is a link to the recipe, click here.