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Everyday and Special Occasions Homemade Meals

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Mushroom Stuffed Pork Roast small

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Mushroom stuffed pork roast recipe, pork loin flattened and rolled with a stuffing made of cooked chopped mushrooms, olives and basil leaves, very flavorful, moist and tender! Easy enough for weekday dinners, great for entertaining!

Chocolate Strawberry Jam Quick Bread small

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Chocolate strawberry jam quick bread is a rich and flavorful chocolate cake laced with strawberry quick jam, delicious!

Here I wanted to make a chocolate bread, but, you know, a whole chocolate loaf can be boring sometimes. I had some strawberries in my fridge and immediately thought of making a quick jam and lace my chocolate cake with it. This quick jam only contains a few spoonfuls of sugar and remains a little tangy, I do not recommend using standard jam as it would be much much too sweet.

Candied Kumquats small

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Candied Kumquats, whole kumquats candied in syrup, a delicious way to enjoy these sweet and sour fruits throughout the year!

Kumquat and Ginger Jam small

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This recipe for kumquat and ginger jam is a pure delight! The small addition of ginger to this kumquat jam really brings it to another level, kumquat and ginger jam can be enjoyed with bread and butter, in your baking as a topping or filling, delicious with pork recipes too, so versatile and delicious!

Udon Noodles Chicken and Veggies Stir Fry small

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Udon noodles, chicken and veggies stir fry, bell peppers, cabbage and shiitake, deliciously spicy!

Udon noodles are thick wheat noodles, they are soft, chewy, with a mild flavor. They are generally served fresh, that's how I prefer them, although you can also find them dried.

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These coconut and pineapple popsicles are so easy and fun to make, you only need to add the sweetener of your choice and you’re done.

Besides, homemade popsicles made with fresh fruits taste so much better than the store-bought ones that are generally made out of syrup or concentrate …

Peanut Brittle small

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Homemade peanut brittle recipe, with a hint of vanilla, a delicious candy, perfect for gifts to the family and friends!

This recipe is not difficult to make, you only need to be swift therefore, and as always when making candies, have all your ingredients measured and ready before starting, together with your buttered baking sheet. Watch your caramel at all times, do not leave for any reason or answer your phone.

Lemony Pork Tenderloin small

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Lemony pork tenderloin recipe, pork tenderloin with lemon sauce, artichoke bottoms, tomatoes and a few basil biscuits, festive and so flavorful, a recipe to share with family and friends!

Cod and Shrimp Crockpot small

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Cod and shrimp crockpot stew recipe or fish stew, cod and shrimp are cooked to the minute and presented like a stew with a creamy sauce and vegetables, a recipe for entertaining, delicious!

This dish is made to look like a stew but in reality all the ingredients are cooked to the minute. Cod and shrimp are briefly seared and the vegetables are cooked separately. It is a very refined dish, the sauce is delicious.

Mini Cheesecakes Oreo® Choco Citrus small
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Mini cheesecakes with a crunchy Oreo® crust, chocolate ganache and kumquat jam, feel free to make them with any citrus jam, de-li-cious!