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Nut butter pastry cream flavored with vanilla and a mix of hazelnut and almond butter, delicious!

For this recipe, you need two preparations, the nut butter that can be made a few days ahead, and a vanilla pastry cream. Here, I added some whipped cream to lighten it.

Lamb Shank, Sautéed Vegetables small
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Oven baked lamb shank with mixed vegetables, delicious!

I always bake lamb in this simple fashion, brushed with mustard, salt and pepper, lots of rosemary and thyme, and I poke many holes in the meat that I fill with garlic cloves.

I like lamb shank well done so I cooked this 42.32 oz (1.2 kg) for about 1 hour, that’s about 15 minutes per 10.5 oz. (300 g.)

Melting Moments Lemon and Chocolate Cookies small

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Melting moments cookies flavored with lemon OR chocolate, this cookie recipe is similar to shortbread in texture less the salty hind flavor, it is crumbly and actually melts in your mouth, a delicious cookie that calls immediately for a good cup of tea or a glass of milk!

Chicken Chop Suey small

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Chicken chop suey, spicy chicken and vegetable stir-fry, delicious and versatile!

Chop suey is a quick stir fry of assorted vegetables and meat or tofu. It’s a delicious and versatile dish, budget friendly, you can make it with whatever vegetables you have on hand, pepper, cabbage, etc. It can also be made with pork, beef, duck or tofu.

Mini Candied Fruit Bundt Cake small

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Mini candied fruit Bundt cake flavored with lots of candied fruit and orange zest, delicious!

This is the exact same recipe as my Candied Fruit Bundt Cake but in mini individual version. With the same ingredients list, I could make 10 mini Bundt, my molds contain about 1 cup of batter. Here is a link to my recipe for the large Candied Fruit Bundt Cake, click here

Candied Fruit Bundt Cake small

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Candied fruit Bundt cake flavored with lots of candied fruit and orange zest, delicious!

What is great about making a cake into a Bundt Cake is you do not fear that all your fruits will slide to the bottom of your pan, because if they do, they will be on top of your Bundt once you’ll turn it over on your serving dish, plus I find that Bundt cakes have a gorgeous look.

Pumpkin Seeds Brittle small

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Pumpkin seeds brittle recipe, a brittle caramel full of pumpkin seeds, a delicious treat and a nice gift to offer, very addictive!

This recipe is not difficult to make, you only need to be swift! Therefore, and as always when making candies, have all your ingredients measured and ready before starting, together with your buttered baking sheet. Watch your caramel at all times, do not leave for any reason or answer your phone.

Pears in Sweet and Spicy Red Wine
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Pears poached in sweet and spicy red wine, I like to serve these poached pears as a side to venison or pork, delicious as dessert too!

This is a comforting dessert for cold Winter nights, because, as a bonus, you get to drink this delicious warm and spiced wine as a toddy/grog.

Deer Sirloin in Red Wine Sauce and its Sides petite

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Deer sirloin in red wine sauce and its sides, served with spaetzle, chestnuts, pear cooked in red wine and a scoop of cranberry preserve, scrumptious.

It’s completely optional but I like to marinate game meat overnight in red wine with carrots, onions, various aromatic herbs and spices, then I’ll make the sauce with the marinade, a scrumptious seasonal yum.

Plum Pie (Red Plums) small

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Simple but loaded red plum pie recipe or plum tart recipe, so delicious!

I went (again...) to my grocer for my usual shopping and found these awesome red plums, the variety with red skin and red flesh, they were just at the right maturity for me, means not too soft, not overripe, so I bought 42.32 oz. (2.64 lbs. or 1.2 kilos) to fill my 9 inches Ø (23 cm Ø) pie pan…!