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chocolate chocolate chips cookies small

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Chocolate chocolate chips cookies flavored with orange zest, a soft, chewy and so flavorful double chocolate cookie with a hint of orange flavor, these chocolate chocolate chips cookies are a glass of milk’s best friend!

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Parsnips and carrots pair wonderfully for this healthy and delicious puree!

Parsnip is a very interesting root vegetable, it has a mild taste, slightly sweet, it is rich in vitamins and minerals, contains a lot of fibers and is poor in calories.

Parmesan Shortbread Cookies small

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Savory parmesan shortbread cookies recipe, a savory shortbread recipe for your appetizers and snacks with a delicious goat cheese dip recipe!

Chicken Kiev small

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Homemade chicken Kiev recipe, chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter, chicken Kiev is one the most delicious oven baked chicken recipes and sure to impress your guests, so flavorful!

Baked Cod Curry Lemon Sauce small

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Baked cod curry and lemon sauce recipe, cod loin is baked for 12 minutes and served with a light curry and lemon sauce, mixed vegetables, delicious!

Cod is an awesome fish, it has a mild flavor, a firm flesh and can be cooked a thousand delicious ways.

Caramelized apple hand pies small

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Super easy and quick to make caramelized apple pecan hand pies recipe, apples and chopped pecans are briefly sauteed in cinnamon caramel sauce, a delicious snack that children and grown-ups alike adore, these cutie pies will be gone in no time!

Double Chocolate Muffins small

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Double chocolate muffins recipe, rich and flavorful chocolate muffins loaded with chocolate chips, wonderfully delicious!

Healthy Granola small

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Healthy granola recipe, this healthy multi grain granola regulates the transit, it is full of vitamins and minerals and oh so delicious!

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Here's a wonderful idea to serve Prosecco, Apricot Spritz, so delicious and refreshing!

Chouquettes - Choux Pastry small

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Homemade chouquettes recipe, soft little pillows of choux pastry, chouquettes are irresistible, they’re so sweet, soft and will melt in your mouth, delicious!