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Bacon Wrapped Beef Meatloaf small

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This bacon wrapped beef meatloaf recipe is packed with flavors with the addition of vegetables to the ground beef, mushroom gravy is made with the rendered juices, the meatloaf is juicy and tender, the bacon wrapping lends it some additional flavor and crunch, really good and very advantageous!

Turkey Roast with Mustard Sauce small

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Turkey roast with mustard sauce recipe, the turkey breast is juicy and tender, flavorful with the mustard sauce, served with bacon wrapped Mirabelle plums, apricots or other plums would be delicious too!

Chocolate Cupcakes Cream Cheese Frosting small

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Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting recipe, these chocolate cupcakes have a rich chocolate flavor and the chocolate cream cheese frosting lends them a moist, fudgy texture, such a delicious treat for all of you chocolate lovers!

Orzo and Turkey Stir Fry small

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Orzo and turkey stir fry recipe, a delicious alternative to rice and quick weekday meal, make this recipe with any leftover meat, flavorful and delicious!

Orzo is a dry pasta that is quite hard as these little grains of pasta will cook for 9 to 10 minutes. I like my pasta al dente, therefore I cook it for 9 minutes sharp and I find that if you cook orzo longer, it tends to quickly get mushy.

Almond and Pistachio Nougat small

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Almond and pistachio nougat recipe, easy to make, a delicious homemade candy!

I have wanted to make nougat for some time already and I have tried a few recipes that didn’t work well before I came up with this recipe that is the sum of my experiences.

Classic Focaccia small

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Classic Italian focaccia recipe, a soft and delicious Italian bread! In Italy, focaccia bread is used to make delicious sandwiches called tramezzini and in some regions it is also used as pizza base.

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Pecan tassies, caramelized pecans in a bite size pastry shell, delicious!

These bite size sweet treats are so simple and easy to make, so delicious.

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Corn fritters, such a delicious side dish!

This time I made them with canned sweet corn, so they were a bit soft but still really delicious and the good thing is that you could add a few green peas or grated carrots, etc. to these fritters.

Breaded Whiting Fillets small

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This easy breaded whiting fish fillet recipe is perfect for weeknight dinners. Whiting flesh is firm and its flavor is rather mild, suits well for breading and pan frying. Delicious warm or cold, also for fish fillet burgers!

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Mirabelle plum tart with almond cream, so delicious!

It’s mirabelle plum season again and I decided to make a tart using these little plums as we really like them. In general, I always add a layer of hazelnut meal at the bottom of my plum tarts to absorb all the juice they release while baking and to avoid getting my puff pastry too soggy.