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Shrimp Shumai small

User Rating: 4 / 5 Vote 3

Shrimp shumai or siumai recipe! These open-faced Chinese shrimp dumplings arre filled with a mixture of shrimp and pork, these shrimp dumplings are easy to make at home, best of shrimp dim sum, delicious, and you can make large trays with very few ingredients! A must try!

Puff Pastry Pizza Pinwheels small

User Rating: 5 / 5 Vote 5

Homemade puff pastry pizza pinwheels are a delicious and costless snack, made in a jiffy with just a few ingredients, they’re always a crowd pleaser!

Cream Cheese Flan petite

User Rating: 4 / 5 Vote 32

Cream cheese flan, tres leche flan or cheesecake flan is a cross between cheesecake and flan, it looks like a flan and tastes like cheesecake, creamy and rich, easy to make, this recipe is a real crowd pleaser!

Easy Cod Burgers small

User Rating: 4 / 5 Vote 5

Easy cod burgers recipe, cod patties are made with veggies and aromatic herbs, delicious in sandwiches and sliders or simply served with a salad and chips!

Crispy Fried Onions Strings small

User Rating: 4 / 5 Vote 7

How to make homemade crispy fried onion strings or French fried onion, an easy and quick recipe, delicious sprinkled on steaks, on salads or as an appetizer!

Raspberry Jelly (Small Batch) small

User Rating: 4 / 5 Vote 3

Homemade raspberry jelly recipe, raspberry jelly is a preserve made with fruit juice only. This recipe is for a small batch of raspberry jelly (5 jars), very handy when your fruits are getting too ripe, made with 2 pounds of raspberries. I know nothing more delicious than homemade raspberry jelly with a good bread and butter!

Artichoke Gnocchi with Green Asparagus

User Rating: 4 / 5 Vote 4

How to make homemade artichoke gnocchi from scratch! This artichoke gnocchi recipe is made of pureed artichoke bottoms and served with a mix of pestled and sautéed green asparagus, fresh and delicious!

Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe

User Rating: 4 / 5 Vote 2

How easy and quick this homemade peanut butter recipe is to make! Making your own peanut butter is cheaper, healthier and tastes so much better!

Osso Buco Milanese

User Rating: 4 / 5 Vote 8

Veal osso buco Milanese, a traditional Italian recipe for veal shanks slow cooked into a flavorful broth and finished with a pan sauce and gremolata.

Raspberry Curd Tart

User Rating: 4 / 5 Vote 2

Raspberry curd is a delicious filling for pies, tarts and pastries, here I simply filled a cooked pastry crust with raspberry curd and decorated it with whipped cream, delightful!