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Roast Turkey Breast with Port Gravy small

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This easy recipe for roast turkey breast with Port gravy is a delicious alternative to roasting a whole turkey when you’re entertaining smaller crowds. Port gravy with mushrooms and bacon makes this roast turkey breast juicy, tender and flavorful!

Spelt Bread Recipe small

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Spelt bread recipe, bread made with spelt flour, a healthy and delicious bread with a soft light crumb, slight honey hind flavor and no bitterness as with whole wheat flour.

Monkfish Tail Saffron Sauce

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Oven baked monkfish tail with saffron sauce recipe, monkfish has meaty texture close to that of lobster with mild flavor, well complemented by the saffron sauce, a refined dish to share with friends.

Sauteed Mushroom Recipe

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Easy sautéed mushroom recipe, sauteed mixed mushrooms are a flavorful side to any meat or fish dish, here I made it with wild chanterelle and oyster mushrooms, they pair well together, light and delicious!

Wild Boar Tenderloin Port Sauce

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In this recipe, wild boar tenderloin or pork tenderloin is marinated overnight into a red wine marinade, seared on all sides and served with a sauce made of the marinade and port wine, a scrumptious gourmet recipe to share with friends!

Porcini Risotto

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Porcini risotto recipe, this classic Italian porcini risotto is made with fresh porcini, white wine and parmesan cheese, can be made with dried porcini too, flavorful and delicious!

Chocolate Marble Pound Cake small

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Easy chocolate marble pound cake recipe, this classic marble pound cake is moist and flavorful with distinct tastes of chocolate and vanilla that melt in your mouth.

Easy General Tso Chicken small

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Easy Chinese General Tso Chicken recipe, crispy deep-fried chicken pieces coated in a sweet and spicy General Tso sauce, an easy recipe that tastes better homemade than from any restaurant or take away!

Chocolate Orange Mousse small

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In this zingy chocolate orange mousse recipe, orange zest and juice are added to a traditional chocolate mousse, thus bringing it to another level of deliciousness!

Savory Cheese Tart small

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Savory cheese tart recipe, savory cheese tart makes for quick and easy weekday meals just served with a salad and a few pickles, a great way to finish off those leftover small chunks of cheese too!